Most common technical FAQ by oiling wooden floors

  1. The oil should be at room temperature.
  2. Floor temperature must be between 15 and 25°C (60 to 77°F).
  3. The moisture content of the wood should be between 5% and 12%.
  4. Do not apply areas larger than 20 m² at a time (10 m² at a time in good drying conditions).
  5. Do not allow unabsorbed oil to dry! Dried unabsorbed oil produces glossy spots on the surface.
  6. Too much oil will result in a longer drying time and longer time for over-coating.
  7. On wood with low absorption, leave some areas untreated during the first application. These areas will be filled during the redistribution procedure.
  8. The oxygen curing process will be extremely slow if the temperature is below 18 °C.
  9. Floor heating system must be turned on during application  and polishing.
  10. Do not polish the surface while warm so as to avoid bleeding back of the oil.
  11. When the finish is dried the room can be aired.