How to take care of finished floor?

Maintaining and care of wooden floors is an investment. Regular maintenance with the right products gives your floor long life. Synteko offers a complete range of maintenance products for both finished and oiled floors. Surfaces treated with Synteko water- or solventbased finishes are easy to keep clean.


  • the floor can be used (with caution) 8 hours after the last coat is applied
  • furniture can be placed on the floor after 24 hours
  • rugs can be placed on the floor after one week
  • do not clean the floor with water or detergents for the first month
  • attach felt pads to the legs of chairs and tables in order to avoid scratching the finish

SUPER CLEAN for daily cleaning
Synteko SUPER CLEAN is suitable for hardwood and cork floors treated with Synteko finishes. It leaves the cleaned surface a thin, matte, lime-free, non-skid, antistatic film which is dissolved and renewed the next time the floor is washed. The film improves the wear resistance of the finish and keeps your floor looking beautiful. Due to its formula, which has a normal pH, Synteko SUPER CLEAN is recommended for almost all finished surfaces. It is even suitable for clinker and stone floors. Synteko SUPER CLEAN does not leave a grey film like soap does. It is easily soluble, even in cold water.
Vacuum or mop the floor to remove any dirt. Prepare Synteko SUPER CLEAN as follows:

  • For normal cleaning, 1 part Synteko SUPER CLEAN to 50 parts water
  • For heavy cleaning, 2–3 parts Synteko SUPER CLEAN to 50 parts water

First, pour the water into a bucket. Never pour water directly onto a wood floor. Dip a soft cloth or a sponge mop into the mixture and wring thoroughly before cleaning the floor. Synteko SUPER CLEAN is suitable for wet mops and combi-machines.

NEWSHINE for periodic maintenance
Synteko NEWSHINE is waterbased shine refresher. Periodic use of Synteko NEWSHINE in high traffic areas will help protect the floor. It can also be used to repair light scratches. It can be applied several times without a thick layer building up. Synteko NEWSHINE leaves a protective film which will help maintain the beautiful look of your floor for a longer period. Before applying Synteko NEWSHINE make sure that the floor is clean. Sweep, mop or vacuum the floor. Old soap, grease, polish etc. should be removed by washing with water and Synteko REMOVER. Apply Synteko NEWSHINE in a thin, even layer using a damp mop or a non-flocculent cloth. Leave the floor to dry for app. 30 minutes before walking on it.

Synteko REMOVER for special treatment
Marks from rubber heels, shoe polish, lipstick, ink, etc. should be removed immediately with Synteko REMOVER or with mineral spirits. Avoid scrubbing with coarse brush and do not use strong detergents. Vacuum or mop the floor to remove any dirt. Prepare Synteko REMOVER as follows:

  • For normal cleaning, ½ – 1 part Synteko REMOVER to 100 parts water
  • For heavy cleaning, 2–3 parts Synteko REMOVER to 100 parts water

Soak a cloth in the mixture; do not pour it directly onto the floor. Wet mop, let the mixture act for a few minutes and then dry mop. Further cleaning with 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water is recommended if sanding and recoating is to be done. The floor must be completely dry before screening and recoating.

NB! Detailed information and instructions are provided on the Product Information sheet and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). This only presents a selection of important information.