How to use Synteko MIXIT?

Waterbased fillers are intended for filling joints and cracks. They are easy to sand, fast drying, and have excellent adhesion with sealers. The surface can be sawed, sanded, drilled, stained, painted, finished, lacquered and shellacked after filling the joints.

  • Designed for filling gaps, cracks or joints up to max. 3 mm prior to application of Synteko finishes or oils.
  • Apply with flexible stainless steel spatula 250-300 mm width.
  • All Synteko floor finishes and oils can be used in combination with Synteko MIXIT.

Machine-sand the floor back to bare wood, free of old finishes, dirt and unevenness. The first sanding is done with course sand paper and high roller pressure. Make the floor as even as possible. If the floor is uneven in spots, sand locally to even out these areas. The final sanding is made with 80-grit sandpaper. Vacuum all dirt, sanding dust, etc., from cracks before applying Synteko MIXIT

After sanding a MIXIT application can be prepared to fill gaps and joints of up to 3 mm between floorboards. Shake the can thoroughly before mixing the binder with the sanding dust. Use sanding dust generated by edge sanding. The mixture may be mixed directly on the floor by gradually adding MIXIT to the sanding dust until a homogenous mass with a smooth consistency is achieved. If the mixture seems too dry, add more MIXIT and mix until the desired consistency is achieved. Thicker mixture is needed for wider and thinner mixture for narrower cracks.

Apply the mixture to the entire floor using a stainless steel trowel. Make sure you hold the trowel in such a way that the mixture is pressed into the gaps and joints. Be careful to ensure that all cracks are properly filled. If necessary, repeat the application. If necessary, add MIXIT to maintain the appropriate consistency. After approximately 60 minutes, when the surface is dry, sand with 80-grit paper to remove all excess mixture from the surface. Only the mixture in the gaps and joints should be left. Cracks wider than 3 mm require multiple fillings and longer drying time. Continue the sanding procedure using a final grit No. 120-180 to prepare the surface for finishing or oiling. 

To obtain a perfect result, only use Synteko waterborne sealers and top finishessolventborne finishes and floor oils (please see separate Product Information).