Tinting of floor oils

Synteko TINTING PASTE consists of seven different coloured, solventborne pigment pastes to be added to all Synteko floor oils. By adding Synteko TINTING PASTE to the floor oil the wooden floor can be coloured as desired while at the same time maintaining all the benefits and excellent properties of the oil. The tinted oil highlights the natural grain of the wood and provides the wood with a clear deep colour. Tinted oil has the same properties as neutral product.

Synteko TINTING PASTE should be mixed in a ratio of 1 tube (100ml) TINTING PASTE to 1L  of Synteko floor oils. Add the tinting paste to the oil container. Shake the container thoroughly. Always use full tubes of Synteko TINTING PASTE. Be sure to completely empty the tube into the oil in order to avoid colour differences. Synteko TINTING PASTE must always be mixed with Synteko floor oils prior to application.  For a contemporary decoration of wooden floors Synteko has introduced 7 modern tinting pastes: