How to apply Synteko SEALER?

Waterbased primers/ sealers are for sealing wooden and parquet floors before applying Synteko waterbased top coats in order to secure adhesion, reduce the risk of discoloration and side bonding. They are easy to sand, fast drying and have low grain rise.

  • Apply with flexible stainless steel spatula 250-300mm width
  • Suitable top coats are all Synteko waterbased top finishes
  • Coverage: pine, spruce 20-25 m²/L; oak, ash 20-30 m²/L; beech 20-30 m²/L.

Applying the initial coat with a spatula has become more common in working with waterborne floor finishes. There are several advantages over brushes or rollers: it is easier to apply finish evenly with a spatula; the drying time is much shorter; and grain raise is minimal. Intermediate sanding is often unnecessary and vacuuming between applications is thus avoided.  

This method works best if the finish has a thick consistency.The spatula should have a stainless steel blade and be sufficiently pliable that it can follow the contours of the shallow depressions on the floor. Using a spatula, one litre covers between 20m² and 30 m², which means that the finish must be applied three times to attain the same thickness as achieved with a brush or roller application.

The first two applications are made wet-on-wet for optimal evenness. Thereafter, wait approximately 15 minutes until the surface has an even colour tone before the next application. It is important that the spatula be kept sharp so that it functions as a scraping iron and cut the grain raise. This is necessary for achieving good results without intermediate sanding.

To enhance the colouring of exotic woods and reduce the discolouring of waterborne finishes, it is recommended that you use Synteko NATURAL. It can also be used for sealing chemically treated wood e.g. ammonia treated wood.