How to apply Synteko WOOD FILLER?

Waterbased fillers are intended for filling joints and cracks. They are easy to sand, fast drying, and have excellent adhesion with sealers. The surface can be sawed, sanded, drilled, stained, painted, finished, lacquered and shellacked after filling the joints.

  • Designed for filling gaps, cracks or joints up to 1,5 mm prior to application of Synteko finishes or oils.
  • Apply with flexible stainless steel spatula 250-300 mm width.
  • All Synteko floor finishes and oils can be used in combination with Synteko WOOD FILLER.

Machine-sand the floor back to bare wood, free of old finishes, dirt and unevenness. The first sanding is done with course sand paper and high roller pressure. Make the floor as even as possible. If the floor is uneven in spots, sand locally to even out these areas. The final sanding is made with 80-grit sandpaper. Vacuum all dirt, sanding dust, etc., from cracks before applying Synteko WOOD FILLER

Pour a workable puddle of Synteko WOOD FILLER on floor. With a smooth edge stainless steel spatula, work filler back and forth across floor. Be sure to have a good angle and downward pressure on trowel. Just pushing the filler across the floor is not good enough: You must work filler down into cracks to assure that they are filled from bottom to top. When complete, there should only be a haze or film left on the surface of wood. (Larger cracks, gouges or holes should already have been filled with a compatible wood patch). If the cracks, gouges, etc. exceed 1,5 mm you may need to fill again after a couple of hours and allow to dry overnight before sealing or use Synteko MIXIT. When dry, sand with grit 80 followed by finer sandpaper, being sure to remove all filler from the surface of the wood. Vacuum well and apply Synteko finish or oil.  

To obtain a perfect result, only use Synteko waterborne sealers and top finishessolventborne finishes and floor oils (please see separate Product Information).