Synteko PRO 20

Synteko PRO is a one-component waterborne floor finish for parquet and wooden floors. The finish can be used both on unfinished and pre-finished surfaces, for untreated cork and various other wood products.

Phasing out of range during 2022

Available in 20 matt / 45 semi gloss / 90 gloss

This 1-component waterbased floor finish is for all floors in residential areas. NMP-free Synteko PRO has very good resistance to grease, liquids and household chemicals. The finish is non-yellowing and is ready to use.




Synteko PRO 20


8-15 m²/L

Drying time

4-6 hours each coat


roller, applicator, brush


between +10° C up to +30° C

Package size


Shelf life

12 months

485928 (5L)



  • good resistance to wear
  • very good resistance to scratching, scuffing, marring
  • strong resistance to grease, water, alcohol and household chemicals
  • NMP-free
  • non-yellowing
  • the product is ready to use

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