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The Synteko story

It started in Sweden1944

Synteko started its business as a divison of Casco AB of Sweden in 1944 with unmodified urea resin based finishes, now known as Classic followed by World`s first waterborne finish (Synteko 1602) the same year.

Exports to Brazil, Australia and USA started in 1947.

Synteko /Casco  was merged into Nobel Industries at 1961 and then became part of Akzo Nobel  at 1994.

At 1995 Synteko developed and launched the first High Solid Hardwood Oil. This was a  real novelty at that time

In 2019 Synteko ownership was transferred to Röko AB- Swedish Industrial group. All products are now produced in Jorlanda Sweden.

Product development has over the past few years benefitted from Synteko’s unique ”Small Particles Technology”. This allows us to build product composition where ceramic Silica particles are chemically bonded to Polyurethanes thus reducing significantly emission of VOC-s without compromising application and  enhancing the  durability properties.

Synteko`s young and ambitious team supplies its products worldwide, whereas in Brazil, USA and Canada the Skania brand is used.

About us